Trip planner: Everything you need to know before RVing or camping in Osoyoos, BC

Check out the RVing opportunities in Osoyoos, British Columbia

RV camping in Osoyoos opens the door to all kinds of activities and adventures.

Camping in Osoyoos, BC
Try RVing in Osoyoos, if you want an unforgettable holiday. — Photo courtesy David Wise/Flickr Creative Commons

Osoyoos is surrounded by natural beauty and fun things to see and do. Plan your RV camping trip to this exciting destination, and you'll be coming back year after year.

Population: 4,845

Climate: Osoyoos boasts a warm, arid climate and is ideal for RV camping from spring through fall.

Tourist information for Osoyoos, BC

South Okanagan Chamber of Commerce
Town of Osoyoos
Destination Osoyoos

Top attractions in Osoyoos, BC

Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre

A cultural venue with outdoor activities and interactive exhibits.

Desert Society Osoyoos

Come here to learn about this delicate desert ecosystem and see rare species.

Nk'Mip Cellars Winery and Vineyard

Visit North America's first winery to be owned by First Nations people.

Haynes Point Provincial Park

This is a pristine park with warm water for swimming and sports, and lush campsites.

Rattlesnake Canyon

This western-themed amusement park offers great entertainment at reasonable prices.

Top events and festivals in Osoyoos, BC

Market on Main

Osoyoos hosts a regular farmer's market, including an evening market, between May and September.

Desert Live Music Festival

Come to Gyro Beach for this annual summer music festival.

Annual Cherry Fiesta

With a parade, pageant, beer gardens and more, this annual festival is a community favourite.

Sanidumps in Osoyoos, BC

Mohawk Station

RV resorts and campgrounds in Osoyoos, BC

NkMip Campground & RV Resort

Cabana Beach Campground & RV Park

Island View RV Resort

Brookvale Holiday Resort Osoyoos

Haynes Point Provincial Park

Walton's Mountain RV Park

RV-Friendly Businesses Near Osoyoos