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From the Platzl pedestrian mall with its intriguing shops and Bavarian flavour, to the idyllic camping areas with woodland trails on all sides, Kimberley has become a tourism centre for good reason. RVers will be welcomed by the friendly residents and amazed by the character of this charming town. 

A huge cuckoo clock in Kimberley BC, with people standing around it
The cuckoo clock at the Platzl, Kimberley, BC. — William Pitcher photo


Climate: Kimberley offers its best camping weather between late spring and early fall.

Tourist information for Kimberley, B.C.

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Top attractions in Kimberley, B.C.  

Kimberley Nature Park

This large municipal park is filled with multi-use trails where wildlife viewing opportunities abound.
Kimberley Platzl
This downtown pedestrian mall has a Bavarian feel.
Kimberley’s Underground Mining Railway
This attraction provides history buffs with the chance to tour and learn about the historic Sullivan Mine.
Kimberley Arts Council - Centre 64
This hub of activity is the centre of all arts and culture events in Kimberley.
Marysville Falls
Just 10 minutes south of town, you can find a breathtaking waterfall area.

Top events and festivals in Kimberley, B.C.


Come out and have fun with the locals at Kimberley's annual Julyfest. You can take in the Canadian Bocce Championships, one of the biggest soccer tournaments in North America, an extreme downhill longboard race, the Kimberley Homecoming Parade, and a Kids Festival.

Marysville Daze
This family-oriented festival takes place in early June and includes a pancake breakfast, live entertainment and more.  

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