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Keep your pet comfy with the Nimble Pet Temperature Monitor

College of Nimble Pet Monitor screens.
The Nimble Pet Monitor—peace of mind for you, a safe environment for your pet. — Photo courtesy nimblewireless.com

Keeping pets safe while they’re traveling is always a top priority, and that includes making sure they’re not exposed to extreme heat or cold when left in a automobile or RV unit.

A Nimble remote pet temperature monitor that not only allows you to see the ambient temperature inside the RV or car on your cell phone while you are away from your unit, but will also send an alert if it gets hotter or colder than our pre-set limits.

Nimble’s new pet temperature device is a battery-operated, self-contained unit that measures the temperature inside your house, RV, motorhome, or car to ensure your pet’s safety while you’re away. Using their smartphone app, you set the alert thresholds for your monitor, and if the temperature reaches the limit you’ve established, the device immediately sends email and text alerts to as many as five people.

Nimble’s new pet temperature device is a battery-operated, self-contained unit.
Nimble’s new pet temperature device is a battery-operated, self-contained unit. — Photo courtesy nimblewireless.com

The Nimble monitor has a built-in battery and will run for 1-2 days on a single charge. The battery is rechargeable using either a USB-to-wall adapter (included) or a 12-volt adapter for the outlet in your car or motorhome (not included). We keep ours plugged into the 12-volt outlet when it’s in the motorhome (knowing it would automatically switch over to battery power if needed), and use it on battery power when we take it in the car. As an additional safety net, you can also set a low-battery alert, so the device will notify you when its battery starts to run down.

The Nimble Pet Temperature monitor can give you peace of mind, and let Fido rest easy, as cool as a cucumber, when you need to be away from your RV unit.

Learn more here: https://rvpetsafety.com/

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