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Camping Etiquette - Let’s Camp with Respect

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— Photo courtesy the Camping and RVing BC Coalition

Camping is enjoyed by 22% of the Canadian population and people congregate at supervised campgrounds to enjoy the outdoors and pursue recreational activities. It is important to remember that camping is a shared activity in common space so packing your brain along with the tent or RV is not advised. Shared space means shared responsibility and extending courtesy to fellow campers.

Rude loud neighbours playing music and hooping or hollering can dampen the mood, as can small children up at 5:00 am screaming as they play. These incidences can be reported to the operator and handled promptly.

But it's the little things that annoy the most such as people cutting through the campsite you have rented or people carelessly discarding cigarette butts despite a province-wide campfire ban or spits strewn around the gravel base of the rented campsite or garbage bins overflowing with waste that could be recycled at home or generators running all day or tarp spikes in all the trees. To address these campgrounds have rules, but there is also a camping etiquette preached and followed by avid campers.

The Camping and RVing Coalition promotes the following behavioral tips as an unwritten etiquette for all campers in British Columbia to follow please visit https://www.campingrvbc.com/how/camping-rules/etiquette

Others have come up with their own variants of etiquette but it is safe to end by saying it is all our responsibility to camp with "Respect".

Still Looking for your August Camping Fix?

Last minute decision makers will find campgrounds located within three to four hours' distance of major cities such as Vancouver and Victoria very busy, especially on summer weekends. However, reserving a campsite isn't out of the question but be prepared that you might not get that coveted spot beside the water and the search might take longer than expected. The Camping and RVing BC Coalition have created a landing page with campgrounds that offer some availability - https://www.campingrvbc.com/campgrounds-availability-august-2017/

Camping Appreciation Weekend

Alternatively skip the buzz of the August crowd altogether and instead, hit the road for the September 8 - 9 weekend. Campgrounds across Canada will participate in the Fall Camping Appreciation Weekend as a thank-you to campers for camping in British Columbia, offering a special rate of two nights (Friday and Saturday) for either $50.00, $60 or $70 + GST depending on services. To view participating campgrounds click here.

Know Before You Go - Wildfires

As you may know, some areas of British Columbia are currently dealing with wildfires. However, British Columbia is a very large and diverse province, and there are many areas that are not impacted and are open for business. If you are currently visiting our province or planning a trip, please check out these resources compiled by Destination BC for the latest information.

Create Memories .... Go Camping!

About the Camping and RVing British Columbia Coalition

The Camping and RVing BC Coalition was formed in 2008 with the support of Destination British Columbia to better position the provincial camping and RVing experience and to capitalize on the growth of nature-based tourism. Coalition members currently include BC Parks, BC Lodging & Campgrounds Association, Recreation Sites and Trails BC, RV Rental Association of Canada, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, Kootenay Rockies Tourism, BC Society of Parks Facility Operators, Parks Canada, Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association of British Columbia and the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC.

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