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From Liaboe to Loos and Beyond - a historical book by pulp-mill retiree Ray Olsen

From Liaboe to Loos and Beyond is a historical book self-published by retired pulp-mill worker Ray Olson. The book traces the Liaboe/Olson family’s migration from Liaboe, Norway, to the United States in the late 1800s. A branch of the family continued west and north to settle in B.C.’s Robson Valley.

Through a collection of roughly 80 stories and photographs, the book unearths the importance of the Liaboe/Olson family history to the area as well as the forgotten history of the community itself, which has since fallen into decline.

In 1917, Ole Liaboe Olson, commonly known as Ole Leboe, and his family founded Loos, a small town about 110 miles east of Prince George towards McBride, next to Crescent Spur.

Ole Leboe’s sons, Bert and Wilfred Leboe, established the Leboe Brothers Sawmill in Crescent Spur in the 1940s. After the mill closed in the 1960s, Wilfred continued in the business sector, while Bert went into politics.

Bert was the MP for the Cariboo riding from 1953 to 1958, and 1962 to 1968 for the Social Credit Party.

From Liaboe to Loos and Beyond is available for purchase at Books & Company located at 1685 - 3rd Avenue in Prince George. The book can also be shipped by contacting Olson at [email protected].

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