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Use the winter to improve

Spend November through February on improving your game to make summer golf more enjoyable.

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Want to really improve your golf game this winter? Tired of not improving and making the same mistakes year after year and coming up with the same excuses? For many golfers, winter golf in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia is an opportunity to work on your game and be ready for next spring. Try these 10 suggestions:

  1. Get yourself a good pair of rubber boots with spikes such as Footjoy Mudders. Then add a Gore Tex rain suit, all weather gloves, Sun Mountain umbrella and purchase a winter membership at a local golf course.
  2. Select the right type of soft winter golf ball, such as the Srixon Soft Feel. Remember, the ball does not fly well in cool temperatures.
  3. Get rid of the score card and do not keep score or a handicap. If keeping score is really that important, par is now one extra stroke per hole. For example, that 420 yard par 4 is now a par 5.
  4. Play golf by yourself whenever possible, hitting multiple shots in order to develop muscle memory.
  5. Reduce the number of clubs in your bag. Select only one from driver or three-metal; five- to seven-iron; nine-iron to sand wedge; and of course one putter. Concentrate on improving one club at a time. 
  6. Try playing one hole from tee to green with only two clubs; a seven-iron and a putter, for example.
  7. Stay with one putter throughout the winter and spend time on line and speed from four to 10 feet. Putt everything out—no gimmies. 
  8. Go to the driving range at least once a week and take an occasional lesson for problem areas of your game.
  9. Practice shots that you need to improve, such as a draw, bump and run, using the wind, lower ball flights and flop shots.  
  10. Buy some good instructional books or videos and become a student of the game.

There is no short cut to becoming a good golfer with a single handicap. It takes years. Spend November through February on improving your game to make summer golf more enjoyable. 

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