The Strida bike is a head-turner

People stopped me on the street to ask about my Strida bike

by Kimberley Shellborn
Spencer Shellborn riding a Strida Bike in a park.
My nephew helped me set up the Strida bike and then took his turn trying it out. — Kimberly Shellborn photo



Even though the Strida bike came on the market 30 years ago, it is still a head-turner when ridden in the Kootenays.

I had my first experience with a Strida this week.

Ordering a Strida

I ordered a bike on-line from Strida Canada West and the whole process took about five minutes. I didn’t need to use the chat option, as everything went very smoothly and was done in about three steps. It was one of the quickest, simplest on-line orders I have ever made.

Setting up a Strida

When I opened the box in the office one afternoon, my co-workers crowded around to get a glimpse. There was a universal exclaim of surprise and pleasure when we pulled the bike out.

My first impression was, “what a neat looking bike.” A little unusual, yes, but fun would be the best word to describe its overall look. The bike I got is a vibrant, almost fluorescent yellow color.

I was a little concerned about having to assemble the bike, as I am not a mechanical person and thought this would be a challenge. I confess my nephew was on hand and helped me with the process, but it went together much quicker than I expected. We only needed an Allen wrench—which came with the package—and we were ready to go in less than 15 minutes.

Riding a Strida

After we set up the bike at the office, everyone crowded around and wanted to try it out. Riding this for the first time among people and desks isn’t the best idea, we quickly headed outside with the bike.

For the first few moments on a Strida bike, you feel less stable than when on a more traditional bike. However, it quickly becomes as easy-as-riding-a-bike. You sit up taller on a Strida and have better posture than a regular bike. Stridas aren’t designed either as mountain bikes or for long distance riding; their purpose is to be a practical, light bike to use in urban centres. I think they are perfect for their intended purpose.

Bill Wilby, owner of Strida Canada in Grand Forks, talked about the why RVers would appreciate having a Strida. He said that Strida Bikes are “easy to handle, a comfortable ride, easy to pedal, clean and very low maintenance.”

Travelling with a Strida would make it fun and easy to explore your RV park, go on small shopping trips and get some exercise on the bike paths. Many RVers may not be serious cyclists, but still enjoy the pleasure of riding a bike without a lot of fuss.

Folding a Strida

The Strida can be folded up in a matter of 20 seconds. In fact, some owners who do it frequently have it down to five seconds.  Once folded it can be pushed along like a stroller, or you can lock the wheels to keep it in a stationary position. The handlebars and pedals can even be folded in so that it will fit in a small space such as a cupboard.

The Strida is very portable even when you are not riding it. It can be easily folded if you want to go into a restaurant or even on to a bus for a tour. Not to mention that it can easily be stored in your RV as well.

Reaction to the Strida

After riding the Strida in a park near my office, I decided to bring it along camping for the weekend. The unique look of the Strida was a huge conversation starter for everyone in the campground. People of all sizes and ages tried it out to see how it would ride. And everyone who tried it loved the look and the feel of the Strida. 

If you ever want to meet people, just take along a Strida and you will never be short of conversation.

For more information on the Strida bike and where you can get one in Canada, go to Strida Canada West.

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