Tea party anyone?

It is tea time with Hyleys Slim Tea and Sleep Tea

Three boxes of Hyleys tea displayed by two blue pottery mugs hanging on an antler on rocks
Hyleys teas are 100 per cent natural—feel refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. — Nicole Lind photo

Drop a few pounds and sleep sweetly by enjoying a hot cup of Hyleys tea.

Take a moment for yourself to unwind, relax and destress while providing your body with tender, loving care.

One way to do that is to enjoy a cup of Hyleys Slim Tea in your choice of raspberry or blueberry flavours. The satisfying taste and aroma will hit the spot. Can it possibly be true—a natural tea that contains weight loss properties? Lose inches too by drinking these natural teas that are custom designed to benefit your body’s chemistry. Ingredients include green tea, senna leaves and natural flavours.

The Hyleys line of teas contains 100 per cent natural, high-quality ingredients, with no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), no added colours and no preservatives.

Three ways Hyleys Slim Tea helps promote weight loss:

  1. Increases your metabolic rate
  2. Promotes cleansing, detoxification and healthy digestion
  3. Works as a gentle laxative

Hyleys also offers a line of Sleep Tea that contain natural ingredients including chamomile flowers, valerian root, rosemary leaves, lavender blossoms, peppermint leaves and lemon balm leaves. These herbal teas are caffeine-free.

Four ways Hyleys Sleep Tea promotes a good night’s sleep:

  1. Reduces stress and anxiety
  2. Helps with muscle relaxation
  3. Enhances calmness
  4. Fights restlessness and depression

The company is also keen on corporate social responsibility; Hyleys is a proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Tea tip: Steep Hyleys teas from three to eight minutes and be sure not to exceed three cups in a 24-hour period.

What is your tea ritual?

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