The playground in the Purcells

A resident of Kimberley, B.C., expounds on the lifestyle opportunities around this picturesque community

by Trevor Crawley
Dave Quinn enjoys the outdoor recreational opportunities that exist near Kimberley, B.C. — photo courtesy Dave Quinn

What makes Kimberley an appealing summer tourist destination?

Kimberley is far enough off the beaten path to retain its small-town Kootenay charm (yet) it still boasts the world-class rivers, wilderness and mountains that our area is famous for.

How is Kimberley different from other mountain communities in the region?

Two words: sun and view. From our bench on the lap of the Purcell (Mountains), Kimberley is blessed with a perfect mix of jaw-dropping Rocky Mountain vistas and weather for all outdoor activities. (There is) enough rain to keep things green, but enough sun to get outside most days of the year to enjoy the view. 

What is your favourite summer activity?

Summer afternoons are, in my opinion, best spent on a mountain bike. This quiet sport strikes a balance between covering lots of ground, keeping in shape and minimizing your impact while recreating.

What are your favourite or most memorable outdoor trips around the Kimberley area?

In summer I work at Tipi Camp on Kootenay Lake, helping with their teen wilderness programs. A few years ago I decided to walk home across the Purcells to Kimberley. I had a great two-day ramble on the ridges above Redding Creek—some sun, a wild hail-and-lightning storm and chance meetings with goats, mule deer, bears and ptarmigan. It really made me appreciate how much wilderness we still have so close to home. 

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