Ruggedly beautiful

Grab a guide and take a stroll through Eureka’s fascinating landscape

mountains and bushes in Eureka Nevada
The terrain around Eureka is well worth exploring with a map. — Photo courtesy the Eureka County Department of Natural Resources

Eureka has a charm all its own, and one aspect that appeals to adventurous RVers is the interesting landscape and desert flora that can be found there. There is a multitude of indigenous plants in the area, such as pinion pines, junipers, sagebrush (which is the state flower) and rabbit brush.

“(What is) interesting about Nevada is that within the four seasons it changes,” said Andrea Rossman, director of Eureka County Cultural, Tourism & Economic Development. “We have cottonwood trees in lower elevations, we have aspen in higher elevations, and you do get to see the foliage changing colour.”

Hikers can explore the Bureau of Land Management land at their leisure, although there are not many designated trails. Rossman said that it is imperative to know how to read landmarks, and to bring along a topographical map to assist.

“My recommendation is to go online to Amazon and get a book on Nevada trails,” she said. “You want a guide . . . all trails do not lead back to the same point.”

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