Elbow and Lake Diefenbaker

Off to the lake

Lake Diefenbaker offers fishing and sailing, as well as stellar views

by Lake Diefenbaker Tourism
sunset on the lake
The sunset hits Lake Diefenbaker with awe-inspiring brilliance — Crystal Woroniuk photo

You’ve got your RV and gear all ready to go and all you can think about is getting to the lake, but dealing with the crowds can be a major headache. Not to mention that boating traffic on the water feels a bit like rush hour in the city. Would you believe that there is a lake in southern Saskatchewan that stretches for more than 225 kilometres in length and features 800 square kilometres of shoreline that feels light years away from big crowds? It’s called Lake Diefenbaker and it has all the room you need to stretch your legs and relax.

This lake is bigger than the city of Calgary and is the largest in southern Saskatchewan. It reaches depths of up to 230 feet. Combine this with the superior quality of the water and you have the perfect prairie sailing lake. In fact if you travel to the resort village of Elbow you will find a harbour that, with its dozens of sailboats lined up in pretty rows, would not look out of place on Vancouver Island. If you prefer your boat with a motor than you will have no problem finding a launch or marina to get you in the water and it is pretty nice to be able to go for hours without having to pull a U-turn.

One of the best ways to enjoy the lake is by gathering your family or friends and going camping. Lake Diefenbaker is surrounded by three provincial parks, two regional parks, and numerous municipal campgrounds that can accommodate both tents and RVs. If you pack some golf clubs along with the rest of your gear chances are you will be close to either an eighteen- or nine-hole course right next to the water. Bring your fishing rod along with you too, you might just catch that fish that you can talk about for the rest of your life. In the past three years, two world record rainbow trout and the world record burbot have been pulled from Lake Diefenbaker and there are plenty of smaller but tastier fish out there too.

Please visit our website for a good place to start planning your trip. Enjoy your summer and hopefully we will see you at the lake.

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