Rockin’ out in Calgary

Attention rock hounds: Calgary hosts a number of rock, gem and mineral shows throughout the year

mineral samples on a display table
Glenbow Museum has an exciting mineral and gem collection. — Photo courtesy Xiquinho Silva/Flickr Creative Commons

People who are fascinated by earth science, or even just those who love the sparkle of a gemstone, can find themselves enthralled while visiting Calgary. This bustling Alberta city provides numerous opportunities for rock hounds to indulge their hobby. 

Start by visiting a fabulous collection

Glenbow Museum is one of the first stops you should make if you are RVing near Calgary. This facility has one of the most renowned gem and mineral collections in North America, and one of Canada's largest. Have a look at the vibrant multi-coloured crystals and read about how they were formed. Compare cut and uncut gemstones, including tourmaline, topaz, citrine and, of course, diamonds. Learn about different types of metals, and how they are utilized. Examine fluorescent minerals and other interesting specimens. 

In addition to the gems and minerals, Glenbow Museum houses exhibits and information on First Nations culture, military history, community development and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to name just a few of the topics they cover.

Events for rock hounds

When planning your Calgary vacation, you might want to check which gem and mineral shows are going to be taking place while you're there. 

The non-profit Calgary Rock and Lapidary Club (CRLC) has an online calendar you can use to watch for upcoming events, and its members host workshops, classes and field trips.

The club also puts on its annual CRLC Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show in spring. The 2018 show will take place May 4th to 6th, and this will mark its 58th year. There will be 57 unique dealers, lapidary, beading and other demos, prizes, a silent auction and vendors selling minerals, rough rock, jewellery, crystals, tools and equipment. It is Calgary's only gem show run by a non-profit organization, and is a major fundraiser for the CRLC.

If you plan to be in Calgary for autumn, you can stop by the annual Calgary Gem & Mineral Show. Held each year in October, this show takes place over three days, and highlights some of the most stunning gems and minerals brought in by collectors. Guest speakers are brought in to offer their expertise, and share their stories from the field. Attendees of all ages are sure to have a fun, educational experience.

Finally, don't forget the Rock-A-Palooza Gem & Mineral Show. Hosted by Silver Cove, this event will be taking place March 15th to 18th in 2018. Admission is free for the whole family. For more information, call 403-598-5724 or email [email protected].


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