Top things to see and do in Athabasca

Pack up the family, and find a wide variety of things to do in this fun-loving community

dragonfly on a dock in Athabasca, Alberta
Take in Athabasca's natural tranquillity. — Photo courtesy Athabasca Country Tourism

As the enthusiastic residents here will tell you, Athabasca has endless choices for recreation and entertainment. Here are just some of the sights and activities you can enjoy.

1) Visit the station

The Athabasca Train Station is one of the few remaining railway stations that were built in rural Alberta before the First World War. This fascinating structure survived a massive fire in 1913 and is considered one of the town's most significant landmarks.

2) Get river-ready

The Athabasca River is just waiting to take you on an adventure. Grand Rapids Wilderness Adventures is the perfect place to go if you'd like to take a five-hour guided jet boat tour, see all kinds of wildlife, and learn about the history behind this great waterway.

3) Take to the trails

Muskeg Creek Park offers trails within the town limits, which branch out through the Muskeg Creek Valley and area. Trek along woodland routes, read interpretive signs along the way, go for a bike ride or see some of the rare bird species that make their homes here. There is a chalet adjacent to the park, where you can take a break and relax on the deck after your stroll.

4) Get your artistic fix

The Athabasca Arts Alliance is always bringing new and interesting events to town. This organization hosts regular performances by musicians, dancers, actors and other artists. Keep checking their website to see what will be going on during your visit.

5) Catch a fish and tour the terrain

Deep Creek Outdoor Adventures can give you an experience you will never forget. Tour the landscape on an ATV, take a guided fishing trip, or take a jet boat wilderness tour—the sky's the limit.

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