Northwest Territories RVing stories

Check out the RVing opportunities in Northwest Territories

In the Northwest Territories you can live out your ideal RVing adventure. There are vast lakes and rivers, majestic wildlife and numerous roadside parks and campgrounds to visit along the way—not to mention a wide range of other attractions to suit all interests.

The natural conditions of the Northwest Territories are very different from those of the rest of Canada. The fish, especially, grow much larger than usual.

Come catch a big one in Canada’s backyard

Cast your line and relax this summer in sunny Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

by Jillian Clark
Heritage Site, Old Town, Yellowknife, NWT

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Top things to see and do in Yellowknife

From dog sledding to arts and cultural features, Yellowknife has activities to keep you entertained.

WardAir float plane dock in Yellowknife NWT, circa 1956.

Colourful characters, vibrant communities and lots of history: Northwest Territories

Take an RV journey north to the land of the midnight sun: NWT, Yellowknife and points in between.

by Nowell Berg
Barb and Dave Rees at the Victoriaville mall at the Thunder Bay Country Market
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Eating local across Canada

Eat your way across Canada from farmers market to farmers market

by Barb Rees
Fall colours beginning to show along the Alaska Hwy between Kluane Lake and Whitehorse, YT on the return trip to the lower 48.

A North American tour

Riley and Karen Caton are on a journey of a lifetime, travelling to all the American states and Canadian provinces.

by Karen Kornelsen
Leanne and Ethan Hannah have explored the countryside just east of Yellowknife along the Ingraham Trail, a 70-km stretch of Highway 4 heading east through cottage country.

A passion for adventure? Head to Yellowknife

Travellers with a passion for adventure, the outdoors and fresh pan-fried Arctic char will always have a place in their hearts for beautiful Yellowknife, NWT.

Evergreens against a night sky lit in green and violet by the aurora borealis

Colour and light in the frozen North

Yellowknife has 20 hours of daylight every day during its short summer, and a breathtaking light show in the sky every clear night from mid-August to mid-April.

Majestic scenery in Deh Cho
Northwest Territories

Majestic scenery in Deh Cho

Drive along the Waterfalls Route in the Deh Cho Region, snapping photos of beautiful scenery and unique wildlife in one of the most beautiful areas of the Northwest Territories.

Northwest Territories

Parks of the Northwest Territories

Visitors to the Northwest Territories are often surprised at the diversity of the region’s extensive parks and the natural beauty of this expansive area.

Northwest Territories

Traditional crafts of the Dehcho region

Using the materials of the forest and time-honoured methods while incorporating modern resources, artisans of the Dehcho region create traditional crafts that are both useful and decorative. 

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