RV Snapshots

Friendly folks

The Blighs had a special reason for returning to Cranbrook's Mount Baker RV Park

Elderly couple standing beside their RV
Everett and Caroline Bligh revisit Cranbrook, their former home. — Marie Milner photo

Who: Everett and Caroline Bligh, Surrey, B.C.

Where: Mount Baker RV Park, Cranbrook, B.C.

What brings you to Cranbrook? We used to live here, years ago, and we know lots of people around here. We just came all the way from Surrey to deliver a highchair to some friends who have a new grandbaby.

Is there a story behind the highchair? Sure is. That chair was used by all three of our children, and by their children. Our family treasures that old chair and we’re happy it’s being used again.

Other than keeping you connected with friends, what do you like best about RVing? We both love to meet people and get to know them. RV parks are really friendly places where you can get to talk to just about everybody.

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