Protect your pets while camping, with this monitoring app

Worried about travelling with your pet? This app can make it easier to ensure their safety.

Gingerbread is an excellent camping companion, and she knows that her safety is our first priority.
Gingerbread is an excellent camping companion, and she trusts us to keep her comfortable and safe. — Danielle Cameron photo

A camping trip is only made better by bringing your four-legged family members along. For the most part, it is relatively easy to incorporate your pet into your camping experience. Most campgrounds have lovely places to take walks, and lots of other outdoor activities you can enjoy together.

However, RV campers (especially full-timers), may sometimes need to leave their pet behind in the unit, enabling them to run errands, see attractions or attend events. If you must do so, it's important to know the temperature of your RV at all times, to make sure your furry family member is comfortable. An app/device combo by Nimble Wireless aims to help you with that. Paired with the N5 Pet Temperature Monitor, the subscription-based RV PetSafety Monitor app can give you peace of mind when you are away from your pet.

The app is available on the App Store and Google Play, and can send alerts to any mobile network. It has an alert system to let you know immediately via text or email when the temperature within your RV goes beyond the safe range. You can also add up to five contacts who will also be notified, in case you are unable to return to the campsite promptly. There is a built-in battery for backup power in case of an outage, and a GPS navigation feature, allowing you to track your way back to the RV as quickly as possible. 

There are two different subscription plans you can choose from:

Occasional Traveller (pay as you go)

  • Pay only for the months you travel - $19.99 per month
  • Stop/start service any time
  • No start and stop charges

Nomads Plan (pay annually)

  • Keep your pets safe all around the year for $200 per year
  • Save $40 compared to the Occasional Traveller plan
  • No hassle of start/stop

For more information, visit the Nimble Wireless website.

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