Best of friends

Bill Butler with his 2 dogs.

Bill and Marj Butler are new RVers who like to camp with their dogs Jack and Shelby. The Butlers are very grateful to some new friends who volunteered to look after their two dogs while the Butlers visited their daughter in Oman.  

My husband and I are first timers at this RV business and we decided to check out Quartzite. We looked at a couple parks but weren't too happy with them. Then we found Scenic Roads RV Park. It looked nice, so we decided to try it out for a week.

Well, it only took us two days to decide that this was where we wanted to be. The other campers were so friendly, we felt like we had known them for ever.

Now the story starts. We have a daughter in Muscat, Oman, in the Middle East, who we were going to see for a month. We travel with two dogs: Jack, a Jack Russell/weiner dog and a Golden Retriever called Shelby. We had made arrangements for them to be cared for by a friend of ours who stays in Slab City, but at the last minute he was unable to watch them. We were really stuck, as plane tickets were bought and our daughter was looking forward to seeing us.

This is where our new friends stepped in and said, "No problem. We will all watch them for you."

And that's what they are doing right now. As I write this we are still in Muscat and won't be back until December 15. The two dogs sleep in our trailer at night. Someone tucks them in and in the morning someone lets them out, walks them, even takes them to Happy Hour every day.

These new friends didn't have to do this for us, but we sure think the world of them for it and we know we will be coming back there year after year.

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"Eating lunch at the little wonder cafe - at the same booth where Stephen King and his wife sat to eat while making The Stand movie. (We were) on our way to Dr. Creek Campground to see Pando, Fish lake, Utah."

Swallows set up housekeeping while the cookshack was under construction

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Swallows set up housekeeping while the cookshack was under construction.