Top things to see and do in Nakusp

This waterfront destination has much to offer the RV camper

people walking on the waterfront boardwalk
Nakusp's waterfront area lends itself to relaxing strolls. — Rory A. McLeod photo/

This eco-friendly, recreation-oriented community has many things to see and do. Here are a few ideas for your next trip.

1) On the boardwalk

The park bench-studded waterfront boardwalk in Nakusp, on the eastern shore of Upper Arrow Lake, invites you to amble onto the trail network, paddle on your choice of lakes and waterways, and take your fishing gear out during the season to pit yourself against the wily trout who inhabit the depths.

2) Embrace local history

The Nakusp & District Museum has a mining and logging artifact collection that includes snowshoes for horses as well as models of the sternwheelers that once travelled up and down the Arrow Lakes. If you are in the vicinity of the visitor centre at noon during summer, you will hear the whistle of the Minto Paddlewheel, which has a prominent place in front of the centre.

3) Hot spring haven

Nakusp, Halcyon and Halfway hot springs offer different degrees of luxury for the visitor—from spa-type amenities to the rustic and non-commercial highlights. Nakusp and Halcyon provide guest accommodation, including tenting and RV space; Halcyon has dining as well. 

4) A fun(gi) activity

For an unusual summer holiday activity, visit Nakusp in August or September and go mushroom picking. There is a group of folks who go to Nakusp every summer to pick mushrooms and sell them at mushroom stations throughout the town. Apparently, there’s pretty good money to be made this way. 

5) Camp with the kids

Burton Historical Park Campground  is a family-oriented camping zone with recreational opportunities all around. You can take the kids on an easy hike, or go boating, swimming or bird watching among other fun activities.

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