Hudson’s Hope

Top things to see and do in Hudson’s Hope

A legend both in historic and prehistoric times, Hudson's Hope has much to offer

woman riding a horse in Jamieson Woods Nature Preserve
While RVing in Hudson's Hope, be sure to take a trip out to Jamieson Woods Nature Preserve. — Val Utgaren photo/

Those with an interest in exploring parks and trails—or gazing in awe upon ancient fossils—will be enamoured with Hudson's Hope. Here are some of the top things you can see and do while you're staying in this friendly northern community.

1) The Hudson's Hope Museum

With artifacts from the fur-trading days, information on the historic miners and farmers that used to seek their fortune here, and even a range of prehistoric relics, the Hudson's Hope Museum has it all.  Learn about the dinosaur that was named after the town, in the marine reptile displays.

2) The W.A.C. Bennett Dam

Come and see this architectural marvel, along with the Williston Lake Reservoir that it created. Not only can you tour the dam and learn about its history, but you can also take part in boating, fishing and other recreation at Williston Lake.

3) Jamieson Woods Nature Preserve

If you crave a retreat into a natural area, check out Jamieson Woods Nature Preserve. Birdwatchers will love to see the variety of woodpeckers and other birds that reside here, and other recreationists will enjoy ATVing, mountain biking and hiking the trails.

4) Dinosaur Lake

Located seven kilometres south of town, Dinosaur Lake is more than just a campground. There are hiking trails that meander through stellar forest terrain, with boating locations as well. Keep your eyes peeled—you might spot a beaver, eagle or other wildlife during your stay.

5) Fishing areas

Hudson's Hope is blessed with a number of key fishing spots that will be sure to amaze the most experienced angler. If you've got the licence, embark on your own excursion and see what you can reel in.

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