Harrison Hot Springs

Top things to do and see in Harrison Hot Springs

The town of Harrison Hot Springs has a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy

by Kimberly Schoenberger

Make the most of your time in Harrison Hot Springs by checking out these local activities.

1) Go on an outdoor adventure

Harrison Eco Tours makes its claim to fame by sharing with visitors the natural beauty and of the area that would normally only be known by the locals. Experience wildlife, jet-boating, kayaking, fishing, hiking—all kinds of adventure—while being safely guided by one of the experts of the Harrison Hot Springs area.

2) Treat yourself to a spa day

From the moment you arrive at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, you will feel relaxed. Visitors are welcomed with soothing music, a gently humming waterfall, and trained professionals. The relaxation continues with various therapies, ancient treatments, body wraps, and beauty services. You will most certainly leave this spa feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

3) Spend some time on the water

The lake, mountains and green everywhere make Harrison Lake home to some of the most beautiful scenery to be found. There are many activities on the lake and a variety of waterfalls, coves, rock cliffs, and beaches to explore. The quiet, stress free environment makes this the perfect place to spend the day.

4) Tour the area

Shoreline Tours combines the best elements of luxury, intimacy and relaxation. Enjoy beautiful waterfalls, wildlife, rock formations, and first nations artwork along the Harrison Lake and Harrison River. The tours give you the opportunity to witness the natural scenery of the lake in a casual environment.

5) Enjoy local art

Harrison Hot Springs has spent over three decades building and honoring music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. The festivals through the year are committed to their audiences and want to bring the best that Canada and the world has to offer, while remaining accessible and inclusive.

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