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Learn the secrets of gourmet cooking at the Bisbee Cooking School

by Glynis Fediuk

If you're a snowbird wintering in the Douglas area, you're likely accustomed to preparing a quick dinner at your stove or barbecue. These days, meals at the campsite need not consist solely of hotdogs and s'mores—but If your eats are becoming a bit blasé, you might be interested in adding some new flavours to your menu.

That is where the Bisbee Cooking School comes in.

Located in Bisbee, about 30 minutes from Douglas, the school is the place to learn about regional cuisine and contemporary dishes. These include Creole, vegetarian and Mexican foods; students get hands-on experience and require no previous training for most of the courses. Many local products are used in the preparation of the foods—participants may see cactus or acorn on the ingredient list.

The classes are taught by Helen Saul, a professional chef, who said that the classes are a fantastic way of connecting with people. 

"Food is a wonderful way of serving people," she said. "I love to teach and I love food, so it’s a good mix."

Saul said that her favourite American foods to prepare are Cajun and Creole dishes.

"A lot of people don’t know much about them or eat them very often," said Saul. "They are wonderfully flavourful."

Learn more about the available classes at the Bisbee Cooking School website.

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