Vintage-design RV doghouses

Now your pets can have their own RV when travelling with you

by Kimberly Shellborn
A small white dog sitting outside of a custom made vintage RV.
Inspired by vintage trailers of the 1940s and 1950s, Judson Beaumont created these little trailers for small animals. Each trailer is hand crafted and can be customized with any colours and materials. — Photo courtesy of Straight Line Designs

Luxury custom-designed RVs are now available for your pets.

Straight Line Designs is a Vancouver-based company that recently launched a line of pet trailers that owner Judson Beaumont describes as “a doghouse on wheels."

Beaumont was inspired when he continually had to move the doghouse when mowing his lawn. He decided his dog’s house needed wheels.  Soon he added shape and paint.  He then started making more and selling them.

The pet trailers come with stainless-steel food cups, battery-operated LED light inside, a personalized license plate and options on design and colors.

Straight Line Designs ships throughout the world.  

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