A spectacular vintage find

vintage RV
PhotographerRichard Jamieson

"Thought you folks might be interested in a great find in rural Alberta. I'm still in shock. The interior of this 1967 Aristocrat Land Liner is like it was never used. I also just restored a rare 1980 Minnie Winnebago trailer and a 1974 Prowler which is now it's proper two-tone green!"

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Vintage RV

Old RVs don’t need to retire

Here’s a photo showing that older RVs don’t need to retire. This 24-foot 1989 Ford / Vanguard has taken us to places as diverse as Fairbanks and Inuvik, San Diego, Key West and Halifax. Those with elementary geography will notice there’s quite a bit of territory between those towns. We added a pair of propane fuel tanks so it drives on dual fuel for a range of over 400 miles. Here I photographed it near Red Rock River in Montana five years ago.