Serenity is all around

Andy Chappell photo
LocationBanff, Alberta
PhotographerAndy Chappell

Kayaking on Vermillion Lakes, admiring the mountain scenery.

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Sunrise over paradise

"Early morning glorious moment! Near the end of our six-month winter adventure this week."

Travelling with pets

A top-notch travel companion

We have a 22-foot Yellowstone. My husband and I, along with our furry companion Cassie, love to travel together. Cassie is a purebred long-haired shepherd. She's our trustworthy, sidekick travel companion. She's always the first one in the motorhome when it's time to vacation. Cassie has her very own favourite spot to sit while on the road - we open the window just enough so she can stick her head out for air. While on the road she sticks her head out of the window and watches motorists passing by. We often get laughs and comments about how funny it looks to see this motorhome go by with a dogs head sticking out and tongue flopping in the wind. On our way from Chilliwack, BC, to Penticton, BC, I took this photo of Cassie enjoying the sights along the way.