Vintage RV

A 1977 Triple E motorhome.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: 1977 Triple E Motorhome—“5 Star Hotel” on Wheels

This week we are featuring a classic 1977 Triple E Motorhome – or a “5 star hotel” on wheels.

A vintage Dodge Travco motorhome.
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage RV—1970’s Dodge Travco Motorhome

Travco enjoyed a large market share of the budding motorhome market. Its success played a part in the demise of more established makes such as the Corvair-powered UltraVan, and opened the market to lower-cost makes such as Winnebago. 

Dodge B-Series Van Conversion.
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage Motorhome – 1980’s Dodge Van Conversion

All generations of the B-series van feature similar construction, with only small variations from era to era. 

A vintage 1970's GMC Halo motorhome.
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage RV – 1970’s GMC “Halo” motorhome

These motorhome units harken back to the early to mid-1970’s when the big three automakers were making a concerted effort to get into the motorhome market. 

The Vogue Motorhome.
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage Motorhome: The Luxurious Vogue Motorhome

The Vogue motorhome sports a rich and colourful history, as do many RV manufacturing enterprises in the RV sector.

The Tin Can pulled over in a parking lot in Wyoming on our way to Yellowstone in September.
Vintage RV

A vintage camper dream turned nightmare: One couple’s story

The reality of renovating and living in a vintage camper, and why we gave it up.

by Whitney Bryen
Classic Winnebago Chieftain motorhome from the early 1970's complete with the
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage Motorhome—Classic 1970’s Winnebago Chieftain

Even to this day, the Winnebago name is still considered an industry leader. 

An Empress motorhome.
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a Vintage Motorhome: The mystery of the Empress motorhome

The history of the Empress motorhome seemingly is a tangled web of starts and stops, changes of ownership and new beginnings.

The Toyota Sunrader mini-motorhome
Vintage RV

I Spy’d a vintage motorhome—Toyota Sunrader

Because Toyota decided to keep to a small and compact design, they almost cornered the market on affordable and practical camping – with their line of mini-motorhomes.

A Dodge Champion motorhome.
Vintage RV

I spy’d a “vintage motorhome” – Dodge Champion

It seems that Champion was another Dodge brand in the heyday of motorhomes when everyone was jumping into the rapidly expanding motorhome market of the 1960's and 1970's.