Vintage RV

Vintage RV lovers, you're in the right place—and you're not alone! The trend of restoring and travelling in these old-school gems is increasing, and has resulted in some of the most innovative RVs on the road.

A Pace Arrow motorhome.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: This 1978 “free” Pace Arrow motorhome comes with a colourful story

The Pace Arrow motorhome was once considered the 'cadillac' of recreational vehicles. 

A Scamper travel trailer.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV—Trailing the Story of the Scamper Travel Trailer

The story of PreBuilt Industries and the Scamper travel trailer starts way back in 1944 in Lethbridge, Alberta. 

A shiny Airstream trailer.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV—1970’s (?) Airstream Travel Trailer: Part 2

Still in production, the iconic Airstream trailer has proven to be a resilient brand, with the first trailer produced in the late 1920's. 

Picture of shiny silver Airstream trailer.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV—1970’s (?) Airstream travel trailer

These distinctive, shiny silver classic trailers have a dedicated, almost cult-like following.

A trailer with a 'K' logo on the front.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: The “Big K” Travel Trailer Mystery

Welcome back to our popular vintage RV column—after taking a few weeks break, we're back with a vintage RV mystery of sorts.

Matching bike mounted on Chevy.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: More from J.J. McColm—Boler-Chevy combo unit

After last week`s Vintage RV column featured J.J. McColm`s Boler-Chevy combo unit, we received a bit more info from J.J. and some great new pictures too. 

A beautifully restored retro Boler trailer and matching classic car, owned by J.J. McColm.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: J.J. McColm’s “Orange Blossom” Special—Boler Trailer Unit

These little fiberglass trailers have a passionate and devoted following that rivals just about any other enthusiast group. 

Fully restored 1979 Boler trailer and 1962 Chevy pickup truck
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: “Double Mint”—1979 Boler and matching 1962 Chevy Truck

This eye-catching Boler trailer and matching Chevy truck are painted the same "double-mint" green, thus the "double-verde" moniker.

A Mark Regal trailer spotted in a parking lot.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: 1975 Kit “Mark Regal” Travel Trailer/5th Wheel

This RV Company was founded in 1945 as the Kit Manufacturing Company—it grew quickly into a mobile home and recreational product builder based in Long Beach, California. 

A spiffy powder-blue and white vintage Oasis trailer, spotted in Canal Flats.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: Oasis Travel Trailers “Clean, Cute and Cozy”

The Oasis Travel Trailer company dates back to the late 1950s and 1960s—the golden era of classic and stylish camping trailers.

A vintage Li'l Loafer trailer.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: The Lil Loafer – “You’re Following an Aristocrat”

The little trailers are often remembered for their distinctive design and style – and, of course, many sported the slogan, “You're following an Aristocrat” on the back bumper.

An Avion travel trailer.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: There was some gypsy in the Avion trailer heritage

Originally called Romney trailers, evidently after the Romney gypsies of Europe, the Avion Coach Corporation was born in the mid-to-late 1950's. 

An Okanagan Class C Kokanee motorhome, spotted in a local parking lot.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: 1977 Okanagan Kokanee Class C GMC Vandura Motorhome

The Okanagan was once a hotspot for RV manufacturers, with many well-known companies located in the area. 

A vintage Haico Aquarius motorhome, spotted in Nelson, B.C.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: The “Age of Aquarius”—1970’s Haico Aquarius Class A Motorhome

These old Haico’s are popular with vintage RV enthusiasts and it’s not that uncommon to find a few of them in campgrounds or sitting in storage. 


A vintage Mercury travel trailer spotted on a side street in Nelson, B.C.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV: 1960’s Mercury Travel Trailer – “Ask the man who TOWS one”

The Mercury Travel Trailers were manufactured by Mercury Trailer Industries of El Monte, California.

A truly unique unit, this vintage Nomad 3-in-1 trailer was restored by RV reno enthusiasts Howard and Lori.
Vintage RV

Vintage RV Part 4: Odd But True—1963 Nomad 3-in-1 “Clamshell” Trailer

The most unique find in Howard and Lori's collection is a 1963 Nomad 3-in-1 “teardrop or clamshell style” trailer.