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RV Canada with Boo the Menopausal Van

Learn about economic RVing in this engaging travel memoir

Barb and Dave Rees didn’t allow limited funds stop them from travelling. In 2007 they took a four-month, 19,962-kilometre working holiday—climbing over the Rocky Mountains in Boo (the van with an attitude)—to experience the Maritimes. Their goal of experiencing the maritimes led to Barb authoring RV Canada with Boo the Menopausal Van.

The book lets you stand with the Rees on an isolated beach in Newfoundland surrounded by Arctic alpine flowers. Readers can learn about travelling economically, having a working vacation and finding tourism offices, boondocking spots and sani-dumps.

“I found RV Canada with Boo the Menopausal Van inspiring,” said Jaimie Hall, author of Support Your RV Lifestyle. “(It was) always upbeat in spite of moments when Boo breaks down or money is getting tight. Barb reminds us to appreciate all the wonderful things and people around us. It is also a model for RV travel.”

Barb lives in Powell River where, as a Métis travel writer and speaker, she coaches writers. Purchase RV Canada with Boo the Menopausal Van online by visiting www.write2dream.com or by emailing [email protected]

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