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Trillium, another Canadian classic

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Another Canadian-built fibreglass trailer that was very similar to the Boler was the Trillium Trailer. This little trailer was originally built in Markham, Ontario, starting in 1974.

Here’s an excerpt from a 1976 magazine article about the Trillium, submitted to the Boler Web site by Larry Tenhage.

“A growing number of new campers don’t fit that profile. (Family of four, driving a larger American car and towing a 22—to 24—foot travel trailer). They are the young families driving compact and sub—compact cars. Many are tenters and backpackers, but there are others who prefer the comfort of RV camping.

No question about it, the compacts and sub—compacts are here to stay. RV manufacturers have been quick to see the need for vehicles that can be towed by small cars and one manufacturer in particular has been perhaps a little ahead of his time.

Trillium Industries produces a durable, compact travel trailer that is a good choice for the small car owner. The 13—foot Trillium trailer only weighed 925 pounds. Parking the Trillium was a breeze. Overall, the test team was very impressed with the Trillium trailer.

“Though we haven’t been able to confirm it, evidently the Trillium trailer is being manufactured again, this time in Alberta by a company called International RV and they have renamed the trailer “The Outback.”

Do you have story about a Boler or Trillium fibreglass trailer? We’d love to hear from you!

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