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Taking the plunge to full-time RVing

This couple is enjoying the learning curve as new full-time RVers

Duncan and Barb Gilchrist have recently become full-time RVers.
Duncan and Barb Gilchrist have recently become full-time RVers. — Carol Ann Quibell photo

Barb Gilchrist was enjoying the sun in a B.C. provincial campground near Peachland and happily took time away from her crochet project to speak with Carol Ann Quibell about her and her husband Duncan’s new adventure.

When did you make the decision to start traveling full time?

"2012 was when we made the decision to go on the road. It took us a few months to get everything put together and to buy our trailer.” 

The Gilchrists searched the internet until they found exactly what they wanted and luckily it was just down the road from where they lived in Williams Lake at a dealership in 100 Mile House.

“We have been so happy with it.”

When did you start your journey?

“We left on March 24 of this year. Our first stop was Langley, where we stayed for five weeks, then Princeton, Oliver and Osoyoos—which we loved—and now here at the provincial campground near Peachland.”

What are your long term plans?

“That’s it – just travel. Our motto is Have trailer hitch, will travel. This winter we will stay in B.C. We aren’t ready to go south yet.  There are too many places we want to see here first."  

They plan to spend the winter in Osoyoos and travel back and forth to Williams Lake to visit the grandchildren and spend Christmas with their family.

“We’re not quite ready to cut the cord and we still have lots of people to see and lots to do before we start planning any trips south.  We have a winter package on our trailer and will be quite snug in the colder weather.” 

They have already experienced below zero temperatures and were very comfortable.

Have you encountered any problems?

“Our solar panel isn’t working,” 

Barb was quick to say it wasn’t a major issue and having only one item not work properly on their new trailer wasn’t a problem. It’s a learning curve they seem to be enjoying.

How do you stay in communication with family?

"We have a cell phone in case of family emergencies, but other than that we don’t worry about it.”

Are you enjoying your travels?

“We are just loving it,” said Barb.

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