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RVwest embarks on a new journey as it moves to a digital-only publication

After 18 years of publishing, this is the final print edition of RVwest as we switch to digital delivery

by Kerry Shellborn
RVwest magazines laid out
Don’t miss out! Keep up-to-date with news from RVwest by subscribing to the RVwest email newsletter. — Kerry Shellborn photo
"Just do it!” 
That was the advice given 18 years ago on page 12 of the very first edition of RVwest magazine from Felicity Klassen, who along with her husband took the big step of selling their house as they reached their dream of “full timin’ it.” 
It took us almost two decades, but you could say that RVwest is now taking that advice as we too are leaving our original home of a print magazine and heading out on the open road of the World Wide Web. As with many of our loyal readers who have left behind a home and belongings to live in an RV full time, it wasn’t an easy decision. 
In reality, moving from paper to pixels isn’t nearly as big of a change as moving from a house to a home on wheels. RVwest isn’t ending and this isn’t our last issue. RVwest will still produce the same great stories and content you have grown to love. The only change is that we will be sending those stories to your inbox instead of your mailbox. 

A lot has changed since the summer of 2001 when we launched the premier edition of this magazine. Webs were things to get  rid of each spring while cleaning out the RV, tablets were what the doctor prescribed and facebooks were actual books handed out to high school students each year—most people called them yearbooks. Today, everyone has a mobile device and can access information on their interests within arms reach. For our mobile readers, that means we can now provide you with the latest news from RVwest wherever you are. 

Here are some questions that you may have about RVwest:

Is this goodbye?
No, not at all. RVwest promises to provide you with the same great stories that RVers love, just in a digital format. 
Why is this the last print issue of RVwest magazine?
Consumer habits are evolving rapidly, and RVwest is looking to the future and not the past as a vehicle to provide stories for our valued readers. While we know many of you still enjoy getting the magazine in the mail, the majority of our advertisers are moving their budget to digital distribution and RVwest wants to follow that trend as well. 
How can I get RVwest now?
So glad you asked. The best way to make sure you won’t miss out on new stories, products, features, events, destination ideas and more is to sign up to our email newsletter. You can go to rvwest.com/subscribe to subscribe to RVwest online and you won’t miss a thing.
How many email newsletters will I get?
RVwest is planning on increasing our email newsletters from monthly to weekly. Starting in September, we will send out two regular editions and one special events edition. If all goes well, we would like to eventually send an RVwest eNewsletter once a week. Watch for the new streamlined eNewsletter coming to your inbox on Wednesdays starting in September. But don’t worry, RVwest respects your inbox and we promise not to misuse your trust by inundating you with spam or selling your address to a third party. 
Is there any other way to get updates from RVwest?
Of course. RVwest is on all the popular social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and we encourage you to follow along and give us a like or mention. Just search for RVwest mag on your favourite social media platform.
Can I share my story with RVwest?
Please do! We love hearing from our readers about your travels and adventures. Please send any photos, stories or feedback to [email protected]
How can I continue to support RVwest?
We can’t express our appreciation for all the support from our readers over the years. As you know, we have been able to provide valuable, informative and entertaining content absolutely free of charge. The reason is because of the support of our advertisers who—we are sure you will agree—provide an excellent resource for all RVers. You can continue to support RVwest by clicking on any ads that you would like to learn more about. 
I own a business. How can I tell my story on RVwest?
We would love to share your story in a reader-friendly format on RVwest. Give us a call at 250.426.7253 or email [email protected] and ask to see our brand story options. 
In the first issue of RVwest, Felicity Klassen shared her top 10 tips for RVing full time, and she concluded by sharing this practical advice:
“Full-timing is not for everyone but it is our dream and we have discovered that whatever your dream is, the only way to achieve it is within yourself. The preparation for life on the road has also been part of the excitement of making this dream come true.
Our final advice: Just do it!”
Thanks, Felicity, we couldn’t say it better ourselves. RVwest is preparing for life on the road and will look forward to connecting with you on your favourite digital platform. 
Kerry Shellborn photo
Felicity Klassen’s top 10 tips on RVing full time appeared on page 12 of the premier edition of RVwest Journal in the summer of 2001. — Kerry Shellborn photo
magazines laid out
From our very first issue (front right), RVwest told stories about and for RVers, and we plan on continuing that tradition. The only change is that RVwest will be sending stories to your inbox instead of your mailbox. — Kerry Shellborn photo

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