Bio-S.I. keeps holding tanks sweet-smelling

Microbes at work


RV holding tanks can create numerous smelly and difficult problems. Strong odors escape and nasty sludge can build up if we aren’t careful. Knowing whether both the black or gray water tanks are really clean can also be difficult to determine, even if we think they’ve been thoroughly flushed.

Treating the tanks with chemicals after they have been dumped helps control those foul-smelling odors and also works at breaking down solids. However, harmful chemicals can damage dump stations and be extremely unsafe for both humans and animals. Many free dump stations are closing for that very reason: they need to protect their septic systems and control what gets dumped into them.

Keeping your system free of odors and stopping sludge build-up in both the lines and the tanks is possible with the all-natural organic liquid Bio-S.I. Septic Cleanser.

Bio-S.I. Septic Cleanser consists of environmentally safe microbes that digest the solids in the system to prevent potential problems. Using this cleanser also helps avoid false readings of the holding tanks on the monitor panel caused by the probes being covered by toilet tissue and other debris.

The condensed Bio-S.I. liquid is easy to use. Just mix it with water and apply it through the sinks and the toilet in the RV and then rinse both afterwards. It’s that simple and the RV holding tanks will have a much longer life span and the smelly problems will quickly go away.

Purchase the product online or find a retail dealer listed on the website. 

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