Vintage car and trailer still going strong

Restored 1968 Cougar GT and trailer, Golden BC 2012.

A beautiful vintage car and trailer.

Gary and Carol Wanless sent us these great shots of their outfit, a 14' 1971 Triple E that they have completely rebuilt since buying it in 1988.  The tow car is a 1968 Cougar GT.  They have travelled all over Western Canada for the last twenty years with this unit.  These photos were taken in Nakusp, Osoyoos, Golden and Maple Creek Saskatchewan.

Thank you for sharing these with us Gary and Carol.  


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Seton Lake, B.C.

"The view up the lake, from the campsite, at dusk."


Gatlinburg, Tennessee

"It was Halloween at the park. Mom and I had gone to watch the pumpkin carving contest. They also had a costume contest and a scarecrow making contest. We went over from the RV that morning to sit down by a cute lil fire to warm up because it was a beautiful 42 degrees that morning and all the kids from all the families were having so much fun. It was a awesome day. Just wish we had had some hot cocoa and marshmallows that morning bye the fire. But that's ok, I had my mom beside me and I was makin a memory for myself. The lady in the blue sweat suit is my mom."