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The motorhome pictured is a 1969 Lynn Luxury Liner. It is a 24 foot class “A” motorhome and it was built in Calgary. The chassis and drive train are Chevrolet C/30. The engine is a 350 c.i.d. V8 with a 3 speed automatic transmission behind it. It has a 10,000 lbs. Gross Vehicle Weight.It has a rear bed, dinette bed and a bed that comes down over the driver’s compartment so it will sleep 4 to 6 people. It has two 20 lb. propane bottles in a compartment on the right side. It also has plenty of outside storage as there are 5 lower (basement) compartments and a pass-through (side-to-side) compartment under the rear bed. Inside there are also plenty of cupboards with a double kitchen sink and a sink in the rear bedroom area with a medicine cabinet. A toilet and shower and dinette complete the interior. It comes equipped with a 3 burner stove and oven, two-way fridge/freezer and a built in microwave oven(not standard).

I have owned it for 7 years and have had many enjoyable camping trips in it with my wife and kids. It shows about 85,000 miles on it and judging by the number of stickers on the back, it has been many places, mostly in the U.S.A.

I have tried to find some history on the manufacturer, but have had no luck.

It is made of wood with metal cladding so it is solid and heavy. It has a six-way power driver’s seat and two complete and separate electrical systems (12 volt and 110 volt). It has the usual water and waste tanks with separate drain pipe for each waste water tank.

I hope you enjoy this picture and story. I have to date not seen another motorhome like it in my travels. If you have heard of any other motorhome like this one, please let me know. I have no idea of the production numbers or surviving units.

Yours truly, Hank Buijze Edmonton, AB


I’m writing this in response to the posting, “This was the way to travel” by Hank Buijze about his 1969 vintage Lynn camper. Please pass this information on to him and post it on your site as I, too, would be interested in learning more about surviving units.

I too have a 1969 Lynn Luxury Liner. It is an 11-foot truck camper that was custom built for my parents by George Lynn in Calgary. It was custom built for my father’s 1967 Ford but it actually fits better on my 1980 Chev. I bought the camper from my father in 1989 and brought in to my home in Newfoundland in 1991. I’ve preserved it from the ravages of winter by storing both the camper and the truck indoors from October to May annually.

This is the second truck camper that my parents had built by George Lynn. The first was a 1967 nine-foot Lynn Camper but it didn’t have the features of the 1969, for example, it had a hand pump on the sink and no toilet.

Mr. Lynn had his operation in the northeast part of Calgary in the vicinity of the airport but not really close to it. He was a very devout Christian and he gave my sister and me both miniature Bibles. I believe he was a Scotsman. He did employ his son for a while but I don’t recall his name. He seemed to be pretty busy. He was busier in 1969 than in 1967 and build quality did suffer. The second truck camper didn’t have the same fit and finish as the first one and it did have some water leaks, but obviously it had to be pretty well built to have stood the test of time. He never had any campers in inventory. They were all custom built and he only built when he had orders. I think his shop might have been big enough for about 12 units at a time. He went out of business during the 70s energy crisis created by the Arab oil embargo.

In Abbotsford, BC, a few years ago I saw a Rebel truck camper that had extremely similar features, both inside and out. It was a mid—60s vintage, so I think it was an earlier model and that Mr. Lynn may have operated under that company name earlier, but that is pure speculation on my part.

The camper has an overhead bunk and a folding dinette table and sleeps four. It has a side entry and a large back window that lets in lots of light. The cupboards are a light oak veneer and it is equipped with a propane-fired refrigerator, three-burner stove and hot water heater. The bathroom/shower originally had a chemical recirculating toilet. That has long since been replaced but the metal operating instruction tag is still on the bathroom door. It has a 20-pound propane tank. It is made of wood and metal cladding. I have no idea how much it weighs but it is so heavy that I had to beef up the springs in a ton pickup.

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