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Eriba Puck

Eriba Puck

You just never know when you will come across a vintage RV. So I was a bit surprised when I discovered that a friend, John Ross, was the proud owner of the 1968/69 Eriba Puck travel trailer.

The Eriba Puck is manufactured in Germany and this particular trailer was imported into California in 1969 and somehow made its way up to Western Canada. The Puck is a lightweight trailer with a moulded plastic roof and aluminum sheet wall skin, noted for its solid underlying tubular steel structure. It is ideal for towing behind a small compact car or truck.

Here’s a bit of Eriba Puck history. In the post—war years, the growing popular demand for mobility and holidays abroad was met by manufacturing firms like Eriba and Hymer. The Eriba company developed a line of camping trailers in the late 1950s.

One of the most attractive examples of these camping trailers was the light and aerodynamically designed Puck. The early models weighed only 230 kg and were first manufactured in 1958. An updated form is still available today as the Hymer AG Eriba Touring trailer.

The Eriba Puck proved to be very reliable and was noted for its robust tubular steel construction and outstanding towing characteristics. In addition to sleeping accommodation, Eriba was a pioneer in offering, for the first time, contemporary living amenities like an ice box, stove, sink, wood floors and cabinets.

The beauty of the Eriba is that it can be pulled by even a small car like a VW Beetle or small pickup and even today’s models are lightweights, weighing in at 500 kg, or around 900 lbs.

John Ross of Cranbrook tells me his Eriba Puck recently sold as a result of this article and his “Puck” is en route to Hawaii.

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