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RVwest met full-time RVer Brenda Robson at the Fort Steele Resort and RV Park

Photo of a lady in a white shirt standing in front of a red Dodge truck and a fifth wheel trailer.
Brenda Robson spends her summers in B.C. and her winters at the RV park at Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa in southern California. — Kirsten Armleder photo

Who: Brenda Robson, full-time solo RVer

Where: Fort Steele Resort and RV Park at Fort Steele, B.C.

What is your rig? It’s a 32-foot 2012 Sydney by Outback fifth wheel and a Dodge diesel truck.

What are your travel plans? I’m staying at the Fort Steele Resort and RV Park until October 2012 and I am spending the winter at Bashford’s Hot Mineral Spa RV park west of Niland in southern California.

When did you start RVing? Two years ago, after I went across Canada to the Atlantic with a girlfriend who I met in California. We also travelled through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana together.

What are some highlights from your RV trips? I really loved New Mexico—we went to the caves at Carlsbad Caverns. Louisiana was memorable too. We went on a swamp tour in Louisiana and saw people who live on the bayou. We also went to a mansion in Texas and went on a cemetery tour and saw these above-ground tombs.

What do you like most about RVing? The coolest thing about travelling is the people you meet. 

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