New Mexico has its share of wonders

LocationCity of Rocks State Park, New Mexico
PhotographerTina Bos

"Fantastic rock formations. We were dry camping, but there are showers at the visitor centre. We met a couple from Alaska who shared our spot with us."

"Very interesting rock formations and a great visitor centre. Dry camping but showers and flush toilets are located in the visitor centre. Camping costs $10 a night. Incredible night sky."

"The Gila Cliff Dwellings in New Mexico - you have to hike up over a mile with lots of stairs but it is so worth the effort once you make it to the dwellings. You can explore inside five natural caves. Dating from the timber used in the caves indicate they were felled 1276 and 1287! It is incredible that many families lived in the small rooms they created so high up in the canyon. The caves are located 44 miles north of Silver City. This town is also worth exploring with its historic old downtown. We visited the caves March 16, 2017."

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Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

"We had a wonderful time camping at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park 2016 September 05-16 ... we love going on the last day of the September long weekend and spending time at the Park without the throngs of people (and noise). It is also wonderful to camp when Fall is moving in .... and hearing shorebirds, geese, Sandhill Cranes etc. migrating overhead."


Gatlinburg Tennessee

"Why we were in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, we had a chance to go out among the artisan community and meet with - in my opinion - some of the nicest people God ever placed on this earth. Everyone in this little town was just so nice to talk to. Yes ma'am, have a great day, sugar and sweet heart, darlin, and just the brightest smiles on their faces. And the barbecue everywhere we went was hard to pass up - most of the time we didn't. Needless to say we were stuffed like two pigs at a country fair. Once in awhile we ducked into a restaurant and took advantage of the salad bar. I'm so lucky to have had those moments with my mom and look forward to making more. I'm very excited that I ran across this contest. So I'll sit here with fingers crossed and wait for the day when you call me or email with the results. I look forward to hearing my name called so I and maybe even my siblings may continue to have everlasting moments with our mom. She's really one in 20 million."